Do you cover motorcycling?

Yes, motorcycling is covered for medical expenses due to unforeseen accident, illness or injury.

Please note that conditions do apply to this cover. These conditions are as follows:

Section B1 (available under any level of cover selected) you are covered if you claim arising from the use of a two-wheeled or three-wheeled motor vehicle if:

a. as the driver or a passenger are wearing a crash helmet (this is irrespective of the law in the country you are in), and
b. as the driver:

(i) hold a driving licence appropriate for the country you are in, and
(ii) if using a motorcycle rated 125cc or higher, you hold a current and valid license required for driving an equivalent rated motorcycle in Australia.

Please note that different excess apply depending on the cylinder capacity that you are driving. The excess if you are injured riding a motorcycle under 125cc is $250.00 and 250cc 125cc and over is $500.

Also, in the event of death or permanent disability (as a driver or passenger using a motorbike), you will not be covered under Section F-Personal Accident (page 30), means you will not receive any compensation, regardless of the level of cover that you have chosen.

Moreover, you are not covered under Section G- Personal Liability (page 32) in the event of injuring someone or damaging or losing someone else's property, regardless of the level of cover that you have chosen.