What is a Gold AMT policy?

Our Gold Annual Multi Trip policies^ cover you for unlimited travel throughout the year within your selected destination and duration brackets.

We offer three duration bracket under this policy^, which are up to 30 days, 45 days and 60 days on any one trip OUTSIDE of Australia. To clarify, our Annual Multi Trip policy^ do not include domestic insurance in Australia

Our destination brackets include:

  • Worldwide including North, Central and South America
  • Worldwide excluding North, Central and South America

An Annual Multi-trip policy^ provides cover for the cruise, land and air component of your trip, however it does not provide coverage for cabin confinement, missed cruise, baggage delay before boarding and personal baggage before boarding.

These inclusions are only available in our Cruise travel insurance.

When purchasing, you need to select the destination and duration bracket which covers all the trips you plan to take for the entire year. You also need to add any upgrades as a one off purchase when you buy this cover, such as Winter Sports, Business or Natural Disaster cover.

Extra valuable cover can be purchased per trip you make outside of Australia. Please contact us directly on 1300 552 701.